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Professional Profile


As an accomplished and dynamic professional, I am recognized as a CEO, Entrepreneur, Executive Producer, Trainer, Speaker, and Coach with a versatile skill set that extends into the realm of investing. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to visionary thinking, I have consistently demonstrated the ability to foster collaboration and drive transformative change.

In my role as CEO/Founder, I bring strategic leadership and entrepreneurial acumen to the forefront, steering organizations toward sustainable growth and success. As an Investor, I leverage my insights to identify and capitalize on valuable opportunities, contributing to the development of thriving ventures.

My expertise spans various domains, including Automotive Retail, Claims Administration, Business Development, and Captive Insurance Management. With over 25 years of experience in these industries, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, driving innovation and spearheading initiatives that result in tangible, positive outcomes.

I am the CEO and Co-Founder of The Reset Medical and Wellness Center in Strongsville, Ohio. Inspired by personal and family experiences with Neuro Sympathetic Reset (NSR) treatment, I came out of retirement to open the center and improve access to transformative care for anxiety, stress, and PTSD. My dedication to visionary thinking and collaborative growth drives my mission to improve lives through innovative wellness solutions.

Beyond my executive roles, I am deeply engaged as a Trainer, Speaker, and Coach. I am committed to sharing my insights and empowering individuals and teams to reach their full potential. This commitment extends to my role as an Associate & Executive Producer in the world of media, where I contribute to the creation of impactful content that resonates with audiences.

With a career characterized by passion, vision, and collaboration, I am dedicated to pushing boundaries, inspiring growth, and leaving a lasting legacy in every facet of my professional journey.

Leadership & Experience

Startup & Growth Initiatives

Captive Insurance Management

Mental Health Initiatives

Producer (Documentary/Film)

Strategic Planning

Non-Profit Management

Trainer, Speaker & Coach

Culture Development

Business Consulting

Change Management

Project Leadership

P & L Management

Process Improvement

Leadership Development

Employee Recognition

Due Diligence & Analysis

Employee Recognition & Retention



2020 - 2022

Portfolio Holding, Inc.

Executive Vice President, Strategic Ventures

Focused on mergers, acquisitions and development of adjacent business opportunities for alignment and growth initiatives to increase the overall size and nimbleness of the company.

2020 - Present

Driven Capital Partners


A joint venture formed to invest in and consult with growth-oriented companies focused in areas related to automotive, administration, insurance, and technology.

1996 - 2020

National Automotive Experts/NWAN, Inc. 

Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Led and motivated the growth of the company from a startup third-party administrator to being one of the most innovative and client-driven administrators in the nation. Created products that revolutionized the industry. Company was acquired by Portfolio Holding, Inc., an Abry Partners company, in 2020.

2016 - 2020

Imprise Insurance 


Created one of the first insurance captives in the State of Ohio to provide creative and wealth-building solutions for clients nationwide. Company was acquired by Portfolio Holding, Inc., an Abry Partners company, in 2020.

1990 - 2001

Sunnyside Automotive 

Vice President 

(Remained a Consultant through 2006)

Led the dealership group in all areas related to finance and insurance products. Created, implemented, and facilitated all corporate training for sales, finance, service, and management. Managed the captive reinsurance companies for the dealership group.

2021 - Present

Maxwell Leadership

Certified Trainer, Speaker & Coach

Bringing leadership, personal growth and team building initiatives to companies, teams and individuals to help create healthy, happy humans.  

2018 - Present

Changing Lives Foundation

Executive Director/Founder

Servant leader of a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to those in catastrophic need as well as helping to develop leaders and individuals to improve their leadership skills to promote better values and beliefs throughout the world.  

2024 - Present

Reset Medical and Wellness Center


A medical facility committed to making a positive impact on lives by offering outstanding medical care and specialized treatments for conditions such as PTSD/PTSI, treatment-resistant depression, severe anxiety, and more. 

Boards & Affiliations

  • Portfolio Holdings Co., Board of Directors
  • Changing Lives Foundation, Executive Director, Board of Directors
  • Lender Compliance Technologies, Board of Advisors
  • Inspiring Children Foundation, Board of Advisors
  • Cleveland Christian Home, Advisor
  • Providers & Administrators Board of Advisors (2016, 2017, 2019)
  • F&I Providers Relief Fund Board Member, Executive Chair
  • Sound of Freedom, Associate Producer
  • Surpassing Sight Documentary/Movie, Associate Producer
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